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    November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month


    Our goal is to raise awareness of an issue that touches so many aspects of our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I have witnessed the physical, emotional and the financial devastation of a family with a loved one that has a chronic illness or disability. I have also witnessed families that have prepared for a potential long-term healthcare need and the positive outcome.

    Delayed conversations, optimism and misinformation can turn a secure and comfortable aging process into a stressful one. Here are some statements that I have heard from people that procrastinate about planning for their health-care:

    “I’m pretty sure our insurance will take care of most of it.”
    “The government has programs that we can depend on.”
    “The family will help take care of things when the time comes.”
    “We have plenty of time to discuss this later.”
    “I’m pretty sure our insurance will take care of most of it.”
    “If I ever need long-term care I will take a pill to end my life”

    Do any of these statements sound familiar? If you haven’t talked about the potential for long-term care (LTC), you could be making major decisions in the heat of the moment.

    Please attend our informative “Long-Term Care Awareness” webinar on Wednesday, November 29th at 12 p.m. to address different options for planning for a long-term care need.

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