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    $88 Million Left Unclaimed in TSP

    Do you have unclaimed money in the TSP? In the past five years, unclaimed funds in accounts have built up to a sum of more than 88 million dollars. This money is just sitting there, untouched and unused, waiting for someone to claim it. In previous years, the TSP provided lists of these unclaimed accounts…

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    8 Threats for Retirement Accounts

    While supporters of President Obama’s 2016 Fiscal Budget say the budget will make it easier to save for retirement, the proposal is giving mixed messages when it comes to retirement planning.  I have identified eight budget provisions that would have a negative impact to many retirement accounts. 1.       Limit Roth Conversions to Pre-Tax Dollars –…

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    Turn Your Taxable Portfolio Into a Tax-Free Retirement Account

    Long-time federal workers have a unique opportunity for tax-free retirement income…but immediate action is vital. Under President Obama’s proposed budget, aftertax rollovers to Roth IRAs will end next year. Throughout 2015, Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and CSRS Offset employees can still lock in the benefits. THE REWARDS OF ROTH IRAs Savvy investors understand the advantages of…

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    When Will Interest Rates Rise?

    THE GOOD OL’ DAYS Carol: Conservative investors have realized next to no return on bank CDs, money market funds, and other cash investments since the financial crisis in 2008. This war on seniors and savers has forced investors to choose to earn nothing in cash or use risky investments to generate an attractive return.  Mike:  Expectations…

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