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    November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month

    November 13, 2017

    Our goal is to raise awareness of an issue that touches so many aspects of our lives and the lives of our loved ones. I have witnessed the physical, emotional and the financial devastation of a family with a loved one that has a chronic illness or disability. I have also witnessed families that have…

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    7 Questions You Must Ask to Keep a Financial Adviser Honest (by Tony Robbins)

    October 18, 2017
    Couple discussing with the financial advisor. 


    Doctors, lawyers, and certified public accountants in the United States are legally required to act in the best interests of the people they serve. Yet financial advisers get a free pass. There are more than 200 different designations for financial advisers, including “financial consultants,” “wealth managers,” “financial advisers,” “investment consultants,” “wealth advisers,” and — in…

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    WEBINAR: Are You Prepared for Five Long-Term Challenges Investors Now Face?

    September 11, 2017
    mountain red dot

    Join us on Thursday, September 21st at 11:00 am EST Join us for an informative webinar where we will address five challenges currently facing investors. What has worked well over the last three decades my no longer be enough.

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    Examining North Korea and the Markets

    August 21, 2017

    No one wants to see a clash between two nations with nuclear capabilities. So, when the war-of-words between North Korea and the U.S. reached a new level earlier this month, markets briefly stumbled as investors grew uneasy. While we don’t normally opine on geopolitical events, we wanted to help ease any financial worries you may…

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    Women and Investing

    July 31, 2017

    Preparing for the future is one of the most important aspects of financial strategizing, and a lack of involvement often leaves women, in particular, potentially exposed to financial hardships later in life. Don’t expect a spouse, partner, or other family member to help ensure financial security.   Women investors face several challenges to helping build…

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    Invest Lifestyle Expenses on Memorable Experiences

    June 28, 2017
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    Financial envy is even more of a thing now than it was back in 1913 when cartoonist Arthur R. “Pop” Momand debuted the comic strip “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” which centered on the misadventures of Aloysius P. McGinnis and his family, who were always trying to keep up with their never-seen neighbors, the Joneses. [i]…

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    Do Your Children Understand Money?

    June 19, 2017

    Are the young people in your life financially literate? By helping them learn about money, you give them an important head start on important life skills like developing good savings behavior, living within their means, and avoiding many common financial pitfalls. Unfortunately, many young Americans are not learning the right financial lessons. Research shows that…

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    Simple Tips for Ramping Up Your Retirement Savings

    May 31, 2017

    No matter where you are in your life, saving for retirement is likely one of your most important financial goals. But, even if you have professional guidance and a clear strategy for your desired future, you could still be missing some straightforward ways to maximize your savings.

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    5 Estate Questions to Ask About Real Estate

    May 24, 2017

    Preparing your estate in advance is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. Many estates include real estate in the form of a primary home, vacation home, and other family properties. While inheriting a property can be a wonderful legacy,

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    Are Your Emotions About Money Derailing Your Financial Future?

    May 17, 2017

    Do You Understand Your Emotions About Money? If you’ve ever felt a rush of excitement at making a big purchase or experienced feelings of shame at making a financial mistake, you know that our relationship with money isn’t completely rational.

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