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    Brown Bag Workshops


    Brown Bag Workshops

    A Lunch Choice No Federal Employee Can Turn Down!

    FedSavvy® Educational Solutions provides Brown Bag Workshops to Federal Agencies at your location.

    “Brown Bag” Workshops are one-hour sessions on a variety of topics that are designed to present to federal employees during their lunch hour (although they can be scheduled at any time throughout the work day).

    For 2019, we are offering two complimentary “Brown Bag” Workshops on site, provided there is a trainer in your demographic are. Otherwise, we can provide the information through a virtual conference.

    The following Brown Bag topics are being offered in 2019:

    FedSavvy® Tools and Tips to Maximize Your Federal Benefits

    We’ll discuss how to calculate your federal annuity, make the most of your Thrift Savings Plan, maximize your Social Security, and much more!

    Thrift Savings Plan 101 – TSP Nuts and Bolts

    Good course for employees newer to TSP. This program will fully describe the unique differences of the Traditional TSP and the Roth TSP so that individuals can decide which option (or combination) is most suitable for them.

    Thrift Savings Plan Considerations in Retirement 

    This course explores the options available, along with factors to consider before making these important withdrawal decisions. If you are preparing for retirement, this course is a must!

    Thrift Savings Plan 201 – Allocating Your TSP in Uncertain Times

    This course goes into more depth on creating a portfolio based on risk return statistics that are appropriate for your individual needs. Tools will be provided to determine if it is within their comfort zone.

    Sound Financial Planning for Your Spouse

    If you are married, you need to plan for retirement as a couple and both partners need to know about their financial plan. This class will cover maximizing you social security benefits, planning your healthcare, and more tips that could literally be life savers later in life.

    Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

    The difference between the best and worst decision for when to elect Social Security can be well over $100,000! With over 81 possible age combinations across nine possible election strategies, we can show you how to find the option that offers you and your family the highest expected lifetime benefits.

    10 Financial Tips for 2019

    Make 2019 different by being proactive and making a plan to fund whatever it is that’s important to you. Do you contribute to a Roth IRA? Have you already thought of long term care? Is your life insurance up to date? Make sure you are controlling your money and not letting your money control you.

    Long-Term Care – An Essential Planning Tool

    Imagine having an expense that could wipe out all of your savings. The fact is that there was a 70% chance that this could happen to you or your spouse. Spend 60 minutes learning the intricate details of the Federal Long Term Care program as well as hybrid life – long-term care plans, which insure that if you don’t use the long-term care component, it will pay out to a beneficiary when you pass.

    TSP – Avoid 9 Costly Mistakes ~Top Seller~

    TSP is the largest defined contribution retirement savings plan in the world with over $650 billion in assets. You have a wide range of investment options and, best of all, the fee is ridiculously low at .33%.  There are some common mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars, sometimes causing irreversible losses. With the proper knowledge that you’ll gain from this program, these mistakes can be avoided.

    Tax Savvy Planning for a Sound Retirement

    This course provides a valuable roadmap for tax- free retirement planning. Some experts have even suggested that tax rates may double just to keep programs like Social Security and Medicare solvent. During this class we will explore strategies that you can start doing today that will reduce the tax rate risk from your retirement picture.

    Survive and Thrive in Retirement

    When you retire, you want to travel, see the world and spend time with your loved ones without having to worry about running out of money. In this session, we will share the strategies that will have you doing everything you want to do during your retirement and still reach your full income potential.

    How Much Income Will I Need in Retirement?

    Have you determined how much income you will need in retirement to pay your expenses, while still allowing you to do the things that you have always hoped for in your retirement years? This will be an interactive workshop. You will be doing the various calculations for your own retirement during the class. Please have available: (1) Your net income goal dollar amount per month, (2) Your Social Security statement (Go to SSA.gov to get statement), (3) Leave and Earning Statement and (4) know you TSP and other retirement assets. You will not be asked to share this information but will need it to do your own calculation during the webinar.

    Little Known Facts About a TSP Beneficiary Participation Account

    As you probably know, only a surviving spouse is eligible to keep funds at TSP. A spouse can keep funds in TSP as a Beneficiary Participant Account (BPA). A beneficiary other than a spouse is required to take the funds out of TSP, either lump sum or transfer funds into a properly named Inherited IRA account. A BPA account owner may be subject to higher forced withdrawals than they would if funds were rolled over to their own IRA. The tax consequence to beneficiaries of the BPA owner may be severe.

    If you would like to schedule a Brown Bag session at your agency, please contact Karen Dzierzynski at 855-531-7252 for more information.

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    I really enjoyed your seminar. Very few financial advisors seem to understand federal benefits and the ins and outs of them all. I thought the information was very enlightening with lots of good tidbits of helpful information, things many people wouldn’t have a clue about. And, believe me, I’ve attended numerous seminars, both inside and outside the federal system, on retirement planning. Yours was extremely helpful.

    I also recommended to a few people that they watch the seminar if it is available via recording.
    – Elaine