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    The Rally in 2019 – A Tale of Two Assets By: Kezia Samuel, CAIA Investment Committee Member Senior VP, Chief Portfolio Strategist

    So far, 2019 has proven to be a very different year in markets compared to 2018. Prospects of a U.S./China trade deal and a “patient” Federal Reserve (Fed) have led to a sharp rally, reversing the losses experienced in 2018. Global stock and bond markets are painting two different forecasts of the global economy: Stocks…

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    How to Prepare For Tax Season -The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

    The countdown begins. Once the clock rolls us into 2019, tax season gets underway. The old calendar year, 2018, will have been put officially to rest. Deductions from your paychecks and other income sources will begin counting for the New Year. Once it’s 2019, we can celebrate, and look to even better days ahead. But…

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    Now Is the Time to Seize the Day By Carol Schmidlin

    Last January, the feature articles in our newsletter were “Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Roth IRA”, and “Highlights of the Trump Tax Plan”.  Many of you have taken advantage of funding Roth IRAs and doing Roth conversions which may prove very wise. While 2018 has been a year of extreme volatility in the market…

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