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    Half-Day CSRS And FERS Classes

    Half-Day CSRS and FERS Classes

    These classes are condensed versions of our one- and two-day classes. There is a significant reduction on financial planning. We review how to maximize your annuity, make the most of your Thrift Savings Plan and maximize your Social Security and insurance programs including Medicare. Classes are four hours in length.

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    I really enjoyed your seminar. Very few financial advisors seem to understand federal benefits and the ins and outs of them all. I thought the information was very enlightening with lots of good tidbits of helpful information, things many people wouldn’t have a clue about. And, believe me, I’ve attended numerous seminars, both inside and outside the federal system, on retirement planning. Yours was extremely helpful.

    I also recommended to a few people that they watch the seminar if it is available via recording.
    - Elaine